Algerian-Bosnian former prisoner Ait Idir: “Guantanamo is hell on earth”

Algerian-Bosnian former prisoner Ait Idir

“Guantanamo is hell on earth”

El Khabar, 18 december 2008

“The Bosnian high ranking officials have promised avoiding making the same mistake committed by former Government. The latter handed several Algerians to the US Government,” Abdelkader Ait Idir, the brother of the Algerian prisoner named Mustapha Ait Idir, recently released from Guantanamo, said.

According to Abdelkader, his brother has a Bosnian nationality, and reached home in Sarajevo, last Tuesday. He talked to him by phone, and told him he has been subject to cross examination by the Bosnian security services. They have taken his fingerprints, in view of confirming whether he is the person handed over by the Bosnian authorities to the US, 6 years ago.
Meanwhile, the 2 Algerian Bosnians still held at Guantanamo Bay are not be freed in the near future, even if they are not involved in the same case, information reported by press agencies, said.
“A group of lawyers are expected to visit Algerian prisoners as by next week, in view of examining the procedures aiming at extraditing them back to Algeria,” said the brother of the released prisoner.
Still, the Bosnian press has reported a statement made by the 38-years old Algerian released prisoner few moments after reaching Sarajevo. He said he was imprisoned at one of the worst prisoners worldwide, adding that it is unbearable to anyone to remain in a hellish prison for 7 years, while he is innocent.”


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