Algerian minister for foreign affairs criticizes Sarkozy’s project

Algerian minister for foreign affairs criticizes Sarkozy’s project

Samira Belaameri / Translated by Hakim. A., Ech-Chorouk, 11 March, 2008

Talking from Brussels where he is taking part to the EU-Algeria council meeting, the Algerian foreign minister, Mourad Medelci declared that the French initiative for a “Mediterranean Union” was devoid of a “practical content”, but Algeria is backing the French proposal.
Taking the floor before journalist, M Medelci said that the French initiative was “a project of openness “that Algeria is welcoming but devoid of real substance. The Algerian minister added that “things will be clearer” within the coming, especially during the upcoming summit slated for July.

The head of the Algerian diplomacy commented the French initiative, dear to the French president, saying that the project brought two additional values in comparison with that of Barcelona. If the project, according to Medelci, intends to rule the bilateral deals, than the Mediterranean Union project will certainly give a “strong impetus to various bilateral cooperation between the countries of the Mediterranean shores “

As to the second positive outcome, it concerns the bulk of money dedicated to finance these projects, since the source of money will not be exclusively European but in conjunction with different partners including private finance institutions.

The Algerian minister declared from Brussels that “he was looking for a clearer position in the North Mediterranean shores” to enable the southern countries, including Algeria as a Mediterranean country and a member in the Maghreb Union, to participate in the building up of this project.