Hoggar: Enquête sur la torture en Algérie

Enquête sur la torture en Algérie
(in Arabic)


An Inquiry into Algerian Torture (in Arabic)
Edited by the Forum of North-African Researchers,
Testimonial and Historical Documentation Project.

Enquête sur la torture en Algérie (en arabe)
Le Forum des chercheurs nord-africains,
Projet de témoignage et documentation historique.

ISBN: 2-940130-17-5
1074 pages

© 2003 Institut Hoggar Institute
Case Postale 19, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates (Genève)
URL: www.hoggar.org


Forewords i
Preface xxxi

Part A: Torture and its Victims
1. On Human Rights in Algeria 11
Ali-Yahia Abdenour
2. The Structure of Torture in Algeria 23
M. Ait-Embarek
3. Empirical Patterns of Torture Practices in Algeria 45
M. Ghachemi
4. Torture Survivors in Algeria: A Statistical Study 57
M. Peel
5. Voices of the Voiceless 73
M. Ait-Larbi,, M. Farouk, M. Hocine, M. S. Lalioui, R. Waliken, L. Salem-Badis

Part B: Political Perspective
6. Government Responses to Torture Reports: The Politics of Denial 245
M. Lalioui
7. An Anatomy of Algerian State Terror 271
Y. Bedjaoui
8. Algerian Arms Imports: Investments and Returns 333
J. T. Senhadji and Y. Bedjaoui
9. The Management of Torturers: Gangrene at the Heart of the State 399 F. Karimi

Part C: Media Perspective
10. The Rhetorics of Terror as Torture ideology 415
M. Ait-Embarek
11. Media Commandos in Algeria 443
I. Latif

Part D: Historical Perspective
12. The Practice of Torture in Algeria from 1962 to 1991 493
S.-E. Sidhoum and M. Ait-Embarek
13. A Notebook on the History of French Torture in Algeria 555
M. Al-Aqel
14. On the Torture of Algerian Women under Colonial Rule 593
L. Cherifi and Y. Bedjaoui (eds.)
15. A World History of Torture 701
A. Aroua

Part E: Legal Perspective
16. Torture in the Algerian Legal and Judicial Systems 795
B. Taouti
17. The Complicity of the Judiciary 833
A. Ali-Yahia
18. The Struggle Against Torture in International Law 851
M. Ait-Embarek
19. The Foundations of the Ban of Torture in Islamic Law 863
M. Bentaria

Part F: Artistic Perspective
20. Behind the Generals’ Bars: Pictures on Torture in Algeria 935
A. Shahid

Appendices 967
Chronology 1047
Bibliography 1057
A Directory of Torture-Survivor Rehabilitation Centres 1065