Canada is proceeding with deportation

UPI Intelligence Watch

By JOHN C.K. DALY, 27/10/2005
UPI International Correspondent

Canada is proceeding with deportation efforts against Algerian terrorist suspect Mohamed Harkat. According to Harkat’s lawyer Paul Copeland, federal officials have received diplomatic assurances that he won’t be tortured in Algeria.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that Harkat’s legal team received a draft memo this week recommending Harkat’s deportation.

Copeland intends to argue against the deportation order if it is issued.

The manager of security review at the Canadian Border Services Agency Louis Dumas drafted the memorandum. The memo is addressed to an unnamed minister’s delegate from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Dumas based his recommendation to deport Harkat partly on Algerian official assurances that Harkat wouldn’t be tortured in Algeria.

Harkat’s lawyers are currently petitioning the federal court to have him released on bail pending a constitutional appeal that is will likely be argued before the Supreme Court.

Copeland maintains that despite official assurances Harkat is at risk if he is returned to Algeria. Copeland added that there have been problems with previous Algerian diplomatic assurances and emphasized Algeria’s history of civil war and violence and dubious human rights record.

Copeland also cited expert testimony that Harkat would likely be tortured if he returned to Algeria after a federal court ruling branded him a terrorist. Harkat’s legal team was given 15 days to respond to Dumas’ memorandum.