Rabah Kadri was released

AI Index: MDE 28/004/2008
Amnesty international, 30 April 2008

Further Information on UA 101/08 (MDE 28/003/2008, 18 April 2008) Fear for safety/Fear of torture or other ill-treatment

ALGERIA Rabah Kadri (m), Algerian national was released

Rabah Kadri was released without charge on 27 April, at about 1pm. He had been held incommunicado for 12 days. He was able to go to his parents, who live in Algiers, and is staying with them. He is no longer at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.

He was detained by plainclothes security officers on 16 April, when he arrived in Algiers after being deported from France.. He did not know where he was held; he is believed to have been in the custody of the intelligence agency Department for Information and Security (Département du renseignement et de la sécurité, DRS) in one of the unofficial detention centres they operate in Algiers.

Rabah Kadri told Amnesty International that he was treated humanely. He was interrogated about the activities which had led to his conviction and prison sentence in France. He also said that he was asked to sign a statement saying that he had been treated well before he was released. People who have just been released by the DRS are very cautious when speaking about how they have been treated, in case any criticism of the authorities leads to repercussions.

Rabah Kadri also complained about the way he was treated in France upon release from the Val de Reuil prison on 14 April. He said that he was taken to a police station and made to spend the night locked in a small, dirty and smelly cell. The following day, he was taken by plane to the southern city of Marseille, where he was put on a boat to Algiers. He said he was also locked up in a cell during the boat journey.

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.