Libya: 60 prisoners start a hunger strike

60 prisoners start a hunger strike

Two Algerian prisoners in Libya sew their mouth with needle and thread

El Khabar, 5 may 2008

Algerian prisoners detained in Libya have started a hunger strike until next Thursday. Yet, a representative of prisoners said two prisoners, namely: T.Z and A.A have sewed their mouths to protest the rejection of the Libyan Justice implementing the amnesty issued by the Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi. 60 Algerian prisoners detained all along the penitential institutions in Libya have started a hunger strike Saturday amid fears that they would use dangerous protest practices, mostly after that two prisoners have sewed their mouths with needle and thread. However, the prison direction has transferred immediately the first hurt prisoner to hospital, but as soon as being brought back to prison he sewed his mouth again, a representative of prisoners told El Khabar, adding that the second hurt prisoner has not been discovered until yesterday. Furthermore, the prisoners’ lawyer told El Khabar that the health of three of his clients has heavily deteriorated and required being transferred from the central prison to the guard centre. The prisoners said they will not stop their strike until discussing with the Algerian Ambassador to Tripoli, the Libyan Justice Minister, a delegation from human rights advisory commission and representatives of Algerian political parties.


05-05-2008 By M.C/ Translation A.A