Waiting For Justice: A Letter from Detainee P

Waiting For Justice: A Letter from Detainee P


Sir, We want to tell the British people that we are innocent and we want justice. We don’t want to be scapegoats for the mistakes of the Government. They used the “ricin” plot to go to war in Iraq. If anything is going to happen in the future we are going to pay the price for it because we are always in the eye of the Government. If they want to pass new law they always mention us. They are driving us to madness.

They play with the life of our family and our children. We are not enemies of the state. If really there is democracy in this country then we should be tried in an open court with a jury. Like everybody in this country we have a right to the courts. We are fed up with the system – everything is secretive. They remind us of our country, of dictatorship. If they don’t respect their own democracy, how can this country export democracy to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and such countries? They detain people without trial.

We’ve won twice in a year in the House of Lords and the Government doesn’t obey this law. Now they detain us by the back door and they obtain evidence by torture. When Home Secretary, David Blunkett, gave certificates against the detainees he said he couldn’t deport these people to their own country because of fear of torture. And now Charles Clarke, the new Home Secretary, uses his powers to defeat the House of Lords and deport people to dictatorships.

Detainee P (Held under House Arrest)

Detainee P has been incarcerated in HMP Belmarsh and Broadmoor Hospital for 4 years without charge or trial, released under control orders and then rearrested by the Immigration Department to be deported to Algeria. He has recently been released under house arrest. His fight for justice continues.

SOURCE: The Muslim News