Statement from Detainee K

Statement from Detainee K

24 January 2007

Today I am leaving the UK to return to Algeria, my country of origin. Voluntarily, according to the Home Office. In this process, I would like to give the British people a little insight of what has been done to me and other foreigners by its elected government, insidiously in line with its foreign policy and national security business, with the only achievement the creation of more enemies and destroying future UK relations with nations and individuals.

As far as I am concerned, I never planned to live in the UK nor did I ever have a problem with its people or rulers. Yet, at one stage in my life, I was forcibly deported from a foreign country to the UK and its infamous prison, Belmarsh. All this without any charge or crime or prospect of release. I was under the Nazi legislation called Terrorism Act 2001.

I asked to be returned to Algeria. The answer was surprising – it was not possible to deport me to a country that doesn’t respect human rights and where I could be tortured! Was it more humane to detain me without charge and forever!? I suffered three years of this legislation and finally it was scrapped by the House of Lords who declared my detention unlawful.

There were many humiliating statements and comments made by organisations and high ranking people describing this Nazi law. I was freed then only to be subjected to another aberration of law called control orders. A kind of house arrest with high restrictions of movement, communication, association…… yet it did not last as after 7/7 it was even easier for the Government to detain me again as if I am responsible for everything. This time the will was to deport me to Algeria with the recommendation to the Algerian ruler to “monitor” me!!! Now the UK is exporting its human rights abuses over to Algeria.

Today it is five years from the first day I was unjustly detained in the UK without charge or crime. It is the equivalent of a 10 year prison sentence. I am returning to Algeria not without a heart full of bitterness for this government and its practices.

I am also sad that such abuse of justice and fundamental rights did not bother the British people but a few, who showed sympathy and support for me, I will never forget in my prayers. Especially Mrs Gareth Peirce who is doing great things for this country as well as the brave Scottish lady, Ann and Mrs. Yvonne Ridley.

Detainee K.