Open Letter to Muslim Council of Britain


by Karyn Agostini-Lippi, French-European citizen

On July 9, I sent a message of support to you, knowing how many messages of hatred you had received following the 7/7 attacks.
On August 11, 10 men, including almost 7 Algerians under control order, were re-arrested even in their hospital-bed, for deportation… And as you said nothing, contrary to all the British human rights organizations, all ONG and even UNO, I thought you were too much frightened by the unwise decisions of your government!
But on August 14, responding to the Observer’s investigation, you said : « …since the July 7th atrocities…the attacks on the MCB have only served to strengthen its position among British Muslims who have recognised that it raises their concerns without fear and does not easily succumb to outside pressures. » So, I thought that you had awaited to have the support of all your Muslim brothers and sisters to intervene and that, this being, you will not be long in doing it.
However, still nothing…!

Lastly, August 24, you responded to Home Secretary’s Guidelines on « Unacceptable behaviours » saying : « It would be more prudent to bring persons who threaten the peace and security of the realm, whether resident or visiting, to trial under our own laws. Sending them out may turn them into unwanted heroes who may then be free to export their vile thoughts, if such be the case, from exile. We do not want this. »

Heroes ?! Do you really think that these Algerians imprisoned in isolation in Long Lartin and those imprisoned in a unit condemned for human habitation a decade ago in Full Sutton, all frightened and despaired, would be Heroes?!

Do you really think that detainee ‘B’, seized in his hospital-bed, so desoriented that I has not eaten any more for one month, who is to date housed in Broadmoor, with insane criminals, because he has lost touch with reality, would be a Heroe?!

Anyone knowing their conditions of detention would say they already are VICTIMS!

There are not only those who, like you, have a media, political and religious role who are threatened! There are also the « small », « insolated », « lost » and « unknown » ones. They exist, they are there and you don’t see them, you don’t hear them. You do not serve your community, you serve the speech of the government!


Marseilles, September 9, 2005