On Behalf of the Families of the Deportees

On Behalf of the Families of the Deportees

http://www.cageprisoners.com/articles.php?id=10375, 05/11/2005

On behalf of all the families of the men who have been detained pending deportation to countries where they are certain to be tortured and even killed. I would like to thank all those who have shown their support to our loved ones not just today but over the last few years.

It has been an incredibly difficult four years for us. We have lived with the consequences of our loved ones being imprisoned indefinitely without charge or trial; we have lived under the strain of complicated and severe restrictions under control orders. Yet our loved ones have never been charged with any criminal offence.
For four years we have had no peace of mind, no family life. Our lives, and the lives of our children have been torn apart. Our children have been robbed of their childhoods.

We are here today to remember our loved ones and those who cannot celebrate the end of Ramadan with their families.
We are here to deliver a very simple message to Tony Blair.
We are here to ask simply that our loved ones afforded their basic human rights. If they are accused of wrong doing, then charge them and let them face trial in an open court in this country.

A country that claims to respect human rights cannot lock people up on the basis of secret evidence, it cannot knowingly send them to countries where they will be tortured on the basis of unproven assertions.
We thank all those who have offered us kind words and support and the many thousands who signed this Eid card for our loved ones.
We pray for Justice.

Eid Mubarek
Josephine, on behalf of the families.