Eid Letter from Detainee I

Eid Letter from Detainee I


Extracts of a letter received from Ann from Detainee I, MX8760, Full Sutton, York. YO141PS

“I have received many letters from you and from others. We all thank you here for the help and support. We are really very pleased. Thank you all. I spend a lot of time reading all my mail and sometimes read them twice.”

“Concerning our situation, you know what happened. We lost our bail hearing and are waiting on what will happen next month. As far as I am concerned, maybe little. This Government are determined to keep people behind bars for a political purpose. Our situation is degrading day by day.  We have not seen the sky for more than 3 months. The cells are very cold.”

NB: It will be even colder now in this freezing weather. The showers are very very hot. The gym is without proper ventilation – closed room with no window. The exercise yard is closed with double fences, even the roof”.

“We are not connected with anything yet we are treated worse than Cat A prisoners – strip searches, little education, deliberate delays in opening times.  Our properties are kept in reception for weeks, then, at the end they come and tell us we don’t have the right for this and that”.

“We see people coming – the so-called visitors – They ask us “Are you alright?” then they disappear.  Then they write in their reports “They are ok”. “Everything is fine”. It is just like a zoo!”

“We have one man recently arrived here. He is suffering – he cannot sleep all the night. His health is seriously degrading and he is very weak. Another man has agreed to be deported but he is still detained here. Both are from Iraq.”

“What is happening is beyond imagination. They argue that freedom is a fundamental right, yet they deny it to so many. We hope this hardship will come to an end soon Inchallah. Our trust is in Allah”.

“We are here because we are Muslims. We will stick to Islam whatever happens because the Lord says “This day have I perfected your religion for you.  Completed my favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion”.  So Inchallah everything will come to the end NICELY. Just PATIENCE.”

Would you please tell Ishmael, Ibraham and Abdulleh that we tried to write but it was refused because they say it is a PO Box. We thank them for their letters. Machallah, they have beautiful names. I ask Allah to protect them from evil, guide them to the right path and grant them a happy life here and in Paradise in the hereafter, for them, their parents and their loved ones. Tell them Eid Mubarek – May Allah forgive us all. And I seize the opportunity to wish them Happy New Year”. 

Detainee I  
Former control order detainee, now facing deportation
Full Sutton, York, UK