Detainee H

Name: Detainee H
Nationality: Algerian
Residence: Britain
Marital Status: Married
Date of Arrest: 20/12/2001
Location of Arrest: Luton, UK
Release on Bail: 10/03/2005
Date of Re-Arrest: 11/08/2005

Write to him : Detainee H
HMP Full Sutton
YO41 1PS

Throughout his time in Belmarsh he has acted as a primary carer for others (together with « B »). He in turn is now suffering from serious depression albeit not, thankfully, yet at the stage of requiring transfer to a mental hospital.

Those who have been strong throughout are remaining so in spite of the circumstances and at great personal cost. Others have fallen into clinical despair and hopelessness despite the strength of faith that each has, and despite the support of others in the same position. Each now is watching the other wondering ‘who next?’