Demonstration on Saturday, 3 september

“The government’s deportation policy is an affront to both natural justice and legal justice!” Mary Riddell “Observer” 14 August 2005 JUSTICE NOT DEPORTATIONS

10, Downing Street, Westminster

Supported by CAMPACC, Liberty, Haldane Society, Statewatch, Stop Political Terror, Green Party, The Muslim Parliament, Peace and Justice in East London, CARF, Sutton for Peace and Justice, Respect, 1990 Trust, Justice Not Vengeance

Ten men, including some under control orders, were re-arrested on August 12th with a view to deporting them. The government claims it can now obtain `assurances‚ from Jordan and Algeria that they will not be tortured. Their lawyer, Gareth Peirce, immediately stated that in her view such assurances are not worth the paper they are written on.

“If the Home Office claims that it can now rely upon diplomatic assurances from appalling regimes whom it knows, on strong evidence make use of torture, then it does so in the face of universal international rejection of such “assurances”.

Diplomatic assurances that torture will not be used could never be asked of countries that truly guarantee human rights. Such assurances carry no sanction if breached, they are unenforceable, they provide those brutal regimes with an endorsement by our government that they are true democracies and since regimes that use torture regularly subcontract that work, the regimes themselves can claim that rogue torturers operate without state blessing. “ (Gareth Peirce, Birnberg Peirce & Partners, press statement, 11 August)

These men can expect many more months of being locked up whilst their deportation cases are appealed. Faced with a choice of further long-term imprisonment without trial or acceptance of a return to even worse threats abroad, their desperation, can hardly be imagined.

Their deportation would amount to British collusion with torture. Clearly it cannot be “safe”‚ to deport people to the tender mercies of regimes from whom special assurances must be sought that certain individuals will not be tortured. Such assurances cannot be held accountable. Even worse, both governments will have every incentive to turn a blind eye to violations, just as happened in previous deportations from the UK and other EU member states.

The British government is attempting to maintain internment without trial by the back door – through detention pending deportation or extradition, or by extending the 14-day period for which suspects can be held under the Terrorism Act 2000.

We demand immediate release or else a fair jury trial of all affected prisoners.

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