To All Concerned people

To All Concerned people

0ctober 20, 2005

This is the news I have got of the men who will be released under House arrest soon. I spoke to the wives of two of the men and they do not have any other information. Detainee G’s wife has already spent nearly a year under house arrest with her husband and describes it as hell on earth. Detainee A has 5 children and his wife does not know what to expect. Perhaps there will be new rules for House Arrest but last time Detainee G was not allowed a landline and I think this was an enormous worry to his wife with a child in the house.

Detainee A – House Arrest.

Detainee H – House Arrest but will be allowed out of the house 2 hours a day. No one can
understand why?

Detainee G – House Arrest but will be allowed in to his garden.

Detainee T – I do not know this man. He is a client of Natalia Garcia.

Detainee B – Has still to have a bail hearing. His case is different as he is held in Broadmoor under
the Mental Health Act.

Detainee I – Rejected.

Detainee K – Rejected.

Detainee P – Rejected because he is « too big a threat »!

Detainee Q – Rejected.

I don’t even know if it is significant that all the men to be released are married. The man who got married while under control orders will not be released. However, a chink of light – the judge is being unexpectedly firm with the Home Secretary and has given him until the end of November to get the agreements in place with other countries. There will be another court hearing on the 5th December. This gives us a month to highlight the recent testimonies of men returned to Algeria from other countries.

From Ann.