Families of Algeria’s missing people search for truth at UN

Families of Algeria’s missing people search for truth at UN

Ech-Chorouk, July 24, 2007

Missing people’s parents gathered next to soldarity ministry to claim their right to know the truth

Families of Algerian missing people seized the opportunity of the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Committee meeting to submit a whole file about the issue of the missing people.

The families recalled their rejection of the way the Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation deals with to treat the issue. The families said the Charter concretised “non-punishment” recalling their demand for a “committee for truth, peace and reconciliation.”

The Human Rights Committee is studying a second file relating to Algerians’ issues after approving the necessity to compensate Abbassi Madani, number one in the banned Islamic party (FIS).

The families of the missing people submitted a file of 83 pages through which they dealt with all aspects involved in the issue.

Algeria: Al-Qaeda organises congress in Tizi Ouzou
on Monday, July 23 @ 18:00:00 CDT

Fire fully surrounded terrorists in Ijar, Bouzeguane and Ifighaa forests in the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou (100 Km east of Algiers), said reliable sources. Security forces continue combing Igurayen forests in Tizi Ouzou where several bullets were found.

Armed group belonging to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have been in Yakourene forests in Tizi Ouzou for more than a week to hold an organisational congress for terrorists who work in the region, said the same sources.

According to the same sources, the national leader of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Abu Musab Abdelouadud alias Drudkel called for this congress to meet with several leaders and terrorists working in different neighbouring areas.

The terrorists were going to organise the congress in the Wilaya of Boumerdes (50 Km east of Algiers) or in Algiers but security measures tightened up in Boumerdes and Algiers on the occasion of French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit and the African Games made them changing the place and hold the congress in Yakourene forests, said the same sources.

Armed groups organisations in Algeria have taken new measures to appoint many new chiefs in different regions. They have also prepared a complete study of different attacks they may carry out later, according to reliable sources.

“This time, we submitted a full report supported by evidences because the file given by Algeria contains many fallacies and the truth was hidden in it”, says Fatima Yous who belong to one of these families.

The file prepared on Algeria did not take in consideration even Ksentini’s file (president of the Stat’s human right commission), she added.

For his part, Farouk Ksentini said the families of the missing people have the right to submit a report about the situation. “Algeria did its best to solve this problem. Most of the files now are in process of compensation.”

“The law on the Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation considered the law is closed. However, we cannot close the door. We are a public institution and we still work with the families of the missing people. There maybe cases not registered yet”, he said.