America provided military equipment to Algeria: US diplomat said

America provided military equipment to Algeria: US diplomat said

29 February, 2008, By Kamel Mensari / Translated by Hakim. A., Ech-Chorouk, 29 february 2008

US undersecretary of state in charge of North African and Middle East affairs, David Welsh revealed that Algeria has acquired non-combat military equipment, including radars and transmission units.

Taking the floor before journalists at the embassy here in Algiers, the US diplomat said that the United States has in the past sold military equipment to Algeria.

As to the military relations between Algiers and Washington, M Welsh added that they were on top over the last few years, especially in the fight against terrorism.

Dealing with the security situation in Algeria, the US diplomat expressed his country’s total support with the Algerian people in his fight against terrorism in the name of Islam, adding that US administration is backing the Algerian policy of the anti terrorist fight.

The number two in US foreign affairs talked about the Algerian detainees in Guantanamo, Cuba , saying that Washington was about to settle their situation either in the military courts or within the framework of a bilateral agreement between both countries. He didn’t deny the possibility to extradite the detainees to be tried in the Algerian courts.

In this respect, M Welsh made reference to US interest in the Algerian political scene notably concerning the revision of the constitution, but insisted ion the fact that these issues were part of the Algerian internal affairs. He also declared that the United States is backing Algeria’s adhesion to the World Trade Organization.

On another level, the US diplomat confirmed his country’s total support to the Western Sahara issue and its right for self determination, ahead of the next round of in Manhasset, New York.