Leader of Algerian opposition political party flies to US

Leader of Algerian opposition political party flies to US

Ech-Chorouk, 08 March, 2008 01:06:00 By Abderrezak Boulkemh / Translated by Halima Nine

Leader of Union for Culture and Democracy party (RCD) is expected to pay a seven-day visit to the United States of America starting from March 10 to meet non-governmental organizations specialized in elections control.

Said Saadi who will be accompanied by prominent members of the party will be received at the headquarters of US Department of State.

The government has warned of meetings recently organized between Robert Ford US ambassador to Algeria Robert Ford and political parties sparking a political storm.
According to a statement broadcast on the Internet on Thursday, the party’s delegation ended its visit to Canada where it met Algerian community there.

« The delegation will be visiting the US between March 10 and 16 at an invitation to give two lectures before the National Committee on American ForeignPolicy, » said the statement. The statement did not say whether the RCD’s delegation would meet officials at the US State Department or not.

The RCD’s leader has recently asked for allowing international inspectors to check elections process in Algeria within a debate on constitutional amendment and a third presidential term.

The RCD is the only Algerian political party which announced its opposition to the third term.
The RCD’s tour in Washington comes at the same time with a political storm sparked by US ambassador to Algeria because of recent meetings with a group of political parties on many current issues including the National Reconciliation, the constitutional amendment, security and social situation.The government has rejected those meetings and considered them as interference in Algeria’s domestic affairs. The prime minister warned the political parties of following that.