These are the reasons of Algeria’s reservations on Sarkozy project

Belkhadem to Le Monde:

These are the reasons of Algeria’s reservations on Sarkozy project

Bouteflika doesn’t request a life term / The constitution amendment won’t be passed through a public referendum

El Khabar, 19 june 2008

Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Belkhadem disclosed that reviewing the Constitution would not be passed through a public referendum.
He further said, in an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde, that it is more appropriate passing the bill for approval in the Parliament, as permitting the President running for a third term would not create imbalance in State’s institutions.
Belkhadem further said that the Constitution amendment is imminent, as the President’s term is to finish sooner.
Prime Minister mentioned that amending the constitution would not close the door for submitting nominations for Presidential Elections.
He said: “let’s be clear; we support pluralistic election permitting for Algerians choosing a President from several candidates, and you should know that President Bouteflika is not requesting a life term.”
As far as the Union for the Mediterranean project is concerned, Belkhadem said: “Algeria welcomes any initiative targeting getting the two Mediterranean shores closer. However, President Nicolas Sarkozy has talked in 2007 about definite ideas, and today he is speaking about new ones.”
He further mentioned: “basically, the project talks only about Mediterranean countries, and the aim was creating a union similar to the EU, but today the idea has changed, the project is no more Mediterranean…Algeria doesn’t want a project that would be a pretext for normalization with Israel.”


By A.K/ Translation A.Ait El Hara