Red Cross investigating with beaten prisoners at El Harrach prison

Prisoner Mebarki launches a hunger strike

Red Cross investigating with beaten prisoners at El Harrach prison

El Khabar, 11 may 2008

The prisoner named Hamid Mebarki, sentenced to life imprisonment after been charged with plotting an attempt of breaking Serkadji prison in 1995, has decided launching a hunger strike protesting against being tried without the presence of his lawyer a week ago, and despite leaving the trial session.
This event has coincided with a visit lead by the Red Cross delegation to El Harrach prison.

Mebarki has informed his lawyers that he will initiate the strike as by this week end, said a source within El Harrach prison.
The same source added the prisoner strike is targeting protesting against his trial last week at the criminal court of Algiers.
Furthermore, a Red Cross mission has met yesterday with some prisoners who have been beaten by the prison’s guards last Feb.
Such an event has provoked the indignation of prisoners’ lawyers.
To recall, the Algerian league for human rights defence, has required an investigation after the incidents being broken out after the prison administration decided closing down a prayer room.
The Red Cross delegation has inspected the prisoners living conditions at the prison, and enquired about the human rights respect at the prison.
The Red Cross delegation has heard a prisoner who lost his hearing after been beaten, a source told El Khabar, he is intending filling a lawsuit against the prison administration.


By H.Y / Translation Section