Madani Mezrag: “Al-Qaeda leaders carry out a plan laid down by foreign intelligence services”

Former emir of Islamic Salvation Army AIS to El Khabar

“Al-Qaeda leaders carry out a plan laid down by foreign intelligence services”

El Khabar, 5 August 2008

The terrorist chief, or emir named Madani Mezrag, of the dissolved Islamic Salvation Army, AIS, denies that the President of Republic, Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika is the mastermind of the reconciliation law. In an interview with El Khabar, this latter said that the truce agreement reached in 1997, did not mention the reconciliation law. He is convinced that the terrorists belonging to Al-Qaeda, are carrying out a plan elaborated by foreign intelligence services, but they are not aware of what they are doing.

El Khabar: As a former leader of an armed group, do you think that through the series of suicide bombings carried out by Al-Qaeda terrorist groups are aiming at showing their armed force?

Madani Mezrag: I am quiet sure that the regime is able to make an end to security problems if he is willing doing so. As regards the armed groups, I think that even if a small number of terrorists will remain in the fiefdoms, they will be able of launchings attacks. Setting up a bomb in a street targeting the state symbols is the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately, the ordinary citizens do not approach the reasons leading to these circumstances, which are as a result of the events reaching back to October.5th.1988, when the citizens expressed their refusal to live under oppression.

El Khabar: do you think that the mastermind of the reconciliation law is the incumbent President Mr. Bouteflika?

Madani Mezrag: no, I do not think so; President Bouteflika is not the mastermind of the project as the Prime Minister Mr. Ouyahia is pretending. It is not true, Mr. Ouyahia is aware that the project reaches back to 1995, but it matured in 1997, when a truce was declared. So the reconciliation law was declared two years later when President Bouteflika came to power.

El Khabar: are you talking about the Civil Concord, or about the reconciliation law?

Madani Merzag: the agreement we reached with the Command of the Army represented by the then General Ismail Lamari, was named reconciliation but not the civil concord. I seize this opportunity to inform the public opinion that we did not recognize the Civil Concord, which is constituted of laws destined for criminals committing massive killings. I reiterate that President Bouteflika when coming to power, the truce was into force. Only the legal procedures that should have been undertaken by the then President Mr. Liamine Zeroual, were lacking.

El Khabar: how about the political movement to be created by the activists of the disbanded party, FIS?

Madani Mezrag: the project is still underway, no problem is facing us, and we still have the same ideas. We will make the project into concrete from at thee appropriate circumstances. The lack of the accreditation is not a problem we are facing as the majority think, we are able of holding a congress whenever we want, so the Minister of Home Affairs is free in the decision he will make concerning the granting of an accreditation.


By H.Y/Translation Section