Sarkozy’s Mediterranean project launched

Sarkozy’s Mediterranean project launched

El Khabar, 24 février 2008

13 Mediterranean countries including Algeria have launched a new step in the framework of the Mediterranean Union project initiated by the French President Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy. In the eve of a ministerial meeting in Zaragoza, Spain, a task force has been created to be in charge of determining the priorities in agriculture and fishing, and has began its activities a few days ago.

Furthermore, the Ministerial meeting held in Spain, at the headquarters of the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agricultural Studies, ICAMAS, has focused on the issues to be developed between the Mediterranean countries including Algeria. Among the issues initially agreed by both southern and northern Mediterranean countries, is the determining of the priority projects aiming to boosting cooperation in agriculture and fishing sectors, focusing on the health standards, and the researches for agricultural products quantitative and qualitative development, as well as the rural areas development.

Such an initial agreement is a first step in the framework of the attempts tending to launch the Mediterranean initiative. The first initiative was being composed of the members of the ICAMAS, including Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta, and Turkey.


By Hafid Soualili / Translation Section