Algeria to join WTO on the ongoing year

Algeria to join WTO on the ongoing year

WTO intends to ask new questions to Algeria before next February 15th

El Khabar, 24 january 2008

The member countries of the World Trade Organization, WTO, will ask new questions to Algeria which is still negotiating its accession to the organization, before February 15th; unveiled Mr. El Hachemi Djaâboub, the Minister of Trade. He further added that these questions will be answered during a meeting scheduled by next June; such a meeting is likely to pave the way for Algeria’s access to this international institution in the coming year.

In a press conference at the Ministry headquarter, in Algiers, the Minister indicated that among the 35 member countries their representatives have taken part in negotiations with the WTO, 31 member countries have backed the access of Algeria, Morocco is one of these countries. In the meantime, the speaker said that on the margins of the 10th round, the Algerian mandated delegation has led bilateral negotiations with the EU, Switzerland, Ecuador, South Korea, USA, Turkey, Australia, Japan and Argentina, pointing out that the bilateral negotiations with the US are close to the end thanks to the backing of this latter, relying on the reassurances the US Ambassador to Algeria Mr. Robert Ford, has provided. Furthermore, the visit of the European trade commissioner, Mr. Peter Mandelson, scheduled for next February 3 and 4th to Algeria is regarded as a step aiming at closing the negotiations and concluding an agreement with the European Union, therefore leading Algeria straight to the WTO.


24-01-2008 By Slim Ben Abderrahmane/ Translation Section