Families of missing Harragas accuse authorities of not assisting them

Families of missing Harragas accuse authorities of not assisting them

El Khabar, 20 september 2008

Human rights activists pertaining to the Algerian league for human rights defence have called on for the creation of a hearing body in charge of counting the number of missing illegal migrants, as this phenomenon is tragically spreading in Algeria. In this regard, they have condemned the new law incriminating the illegal migrants.

In this context, the families of missing illegal migrants, which accepted an invitation by the league to discuss the issue in Annaba, have required the abolition of the law incriminating the “Harragas,” who should not be considered by the law as smugglers or criminals. According to these families, only substitute and efficient solutions for the problems facing the young people could curb this phenomenon. They further said refused consider their missing sons as “lacking a sense of citizenship.” They justified their sons misadventure by the despair they have been suffering from in their country.

Moreover, the missing illegal migrants’ families have criticized the authorities of not assisting them in their ordeal, while indicating that they are tired of searching, desperately, through the embassies of neighbouring countries since 2 years ago. A man whose 2 brothers, who used to be soldiers at the Army, have departed on board of a trawler, said there is no trace of them, while several families have raised the issue of the disappearance of their loved ones in Tunisian prisons. They said they are detained for terror allegations. They charged authorities of not helping them in terms of looking for them and have news about their fate.


20-09-2008 By H.B/Translation Section