El Harrach prison: a source of shame!

Human Right League requires opening an investigation

El Harrach prison: a source of shame!

El Khabar, 23 février 2008

Many prisoners in El Harrach Penal Institution have been subject to battering by guards last Tuesday, following closing a room used to be used as a praying space, a source inside the prison told El Khabar. Prisoner’s families were gathered last Wednesday to inquire about their injured relatives being transferred to the prison clinic for medical care.

The same source said a fight has broken out between guards and detainees in cell n°11 known as special case prisoners, as they are involved in terrorism cases. The fight broke after the protest of the abovementioned prisoners on closing a space used to be used as a praying space, while the Penal Institution Direction decided transforming it into a new cell for other prisoners. The protest was severely suppressed by guards, the same source said, pointing out that some injured prisoners require being transferred into hospital outside to get intensive care. The same source said what happened to El Harrach prisoners was quite the same “to torture scenes in Abu Gherib prison in Iraq”, regarding the long and violent battering against 90 prisoners. However, the Algerian Human Right League required from Authorities opening immediately an investigation on the case and referring instigators into Justice.


23-02-2008 By H.Y/ Translation A.A