Denmark: “Terror threats force us closing our Embassy in Algiers”

Denmark Ambassador to Algeria to El Khabar:

“Terror threats force us closing our Embassy in Algiers”

El Khabar, 24 April 2008

The decision of closing the Danish Embassy in Algeria has been taken on the base of a report conducted by security experts appointed by the Danish Government, recommending “closing provisionally the Embassy for pure security concerns,” Denmark Ambassador to Algeria said.

Mr. Ole Wohlers Olsen told El Khabar in a phone call from Tripoli, Libya: “the expert commission has based the report following collecting data in a field supervision of the Embassy location in Algiers, assuming the location is dangerous for the Embassy staffs in case of any terror attack.”
Worthily, the Embassy headquarter is situated in Djnane Al-Malik Street in Hydra area, heights of Algiers, close to several embassies and State officials residences.
As far as statements made by Danish Foreign Ministry Tuesday, explaining reasons of closing its embassies in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Algeria, the Danish Ambassador to Algiers has denied having heard about.
He said he is currently in Libya to deliver his credentials as a non-resident Ambassador of Denmark to Tripoli. Yet, he has not mentioned whether to remain there, or backing to Algiers to pursue his mission from it.
The Danish Embassy in Algeria represents Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya.
The Danish Foreign Ministry has not delivered any date for reopening the Embassy, saying: “it depends on the development of the situation.”

Algerian Foreign Ministry: “the closure due to works inside the Embassy”

However, authorized sources within Algeria’s Foreign Ministry told El Khabar the Danish Government has not officially informed us about closing its Embassy in Algiers, nor notified us about transferring its activities to another place in Algeria or abroad.”
The same sources added: “according to available information, the closure of the Danish Embassy is provisional, while its staffs are still working normally in Algeria, while denying being evacuated to another country.
Furthermore, Foreign Ministry has pointed out that “the closure of the Danish Embassy is owed to works engaged by the Embassy,” targeting improving security measures inside headquarters of the diplomatic mission of the Denmark Kingdom.


By D.B/ Translation by A.A