Algeria condemns military coup in Mauritania

Bouteflika refuses meeting envoy sent by General behind recent military coup

Algeria condemns military coup in Mauritania

El Khabar, 14 august 2008

The President of Republic Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika has refused yesterday receiving the envoy sent by the leader of the military coup in Mauritania, the General Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz. President Bouteflika has charged the Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs, to convey the official stance of Algeria, which condemns the coup of ongoing August.8th.2008.

A statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the Chairman of the higher council of state has dispatched General Mohamed Oul Cheikh Mohamed Ahmed, to Algeria, bringing a letter to President Bouteflika. According to the statement that has been released by the Algerian Press Service, APS, the Republic President has charged Mr. Mesahel, to receive the Mauritanian special envoy, who has been accompanied by the Mauritanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Abdelah Ould Benahmida.
By charging the Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs, President Bouteflika has refused to meet the Mauritanian envoy as he brought a letter from the mastermind of the military coup.

Both Mr. Mesahel, and the Mauritanian envoy have discussed the current political circumstances in Mauritania, especially following the recent military coup, and the arrest of the President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdelah, as well as “the constitutional blockade”. So the refusal of President Bouteflika of receiving the Mauritanian envoy is justified by such a blockade.

Mr. Mesahel has transmitted the position of Algeria, about the recent military coup in Mauritania, to the Mauritanian envoy. “The position of Algeria is irrevocable, and condemns the changing of the regime illegally, and it is in line with the international organizations, and notably the position of the African Union,” indicated the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


By H.Y/Translation Section