Algeria presents torture related- report to UN Committee against Torture next May.2

After 6-years delay elaborating torture-related report

Algeria presents torture related- report to UN Committee against Torture next May.2

El Khabar, 24 April 2008

Algeria will submit a report to the UN Human Rights Council Committee against Torture, ( CAT), based in Geneva, as by next May.2, said a reliable humanitarian source, while the committee will issue its recommendations concerning the report, once the Algerian delegation will be heard by the same committee next May.4.

A delegation composed of representatives of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Justice, and Defence, will visit Geneva, in view of presenting a report related to the measures taken against torture in Algeria, in accordance with the provisions of the Convention against Torture, issued in 1989, and ratified by Algeria. Algeria has made 6 years delay in submitting the torture fighting report, added the same source.
In this context, the UN Committee against Torture will open its 4th session by next April.28, to be concluded by next May.16, in which several countries reports will be studied, including Algeria, whose representatives will be heard, once its report will be studied.
Furthermore, Algeria will submit its second report for the UN Human Rights Council, within a 10-days period, after submitting a report about human rights situation in Algeria. But the report related to “torture” scheduled for May.2, is of substantial importance in the eyes of the humanitarian groups, as torture cases are increasing, while some NGO’s describe them as “violations” that have not been raised because of Algeria’s delay in elaborating its report.


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