4 dead, dozen injured in a car bomb

It targeted a police office in Boumerdés

4 dead, dozen injured in a car bomb

El Khabar, 3 january 2008

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has executed another suicide attack in Nassiria area, Boumerdés province, targeting police office there, killing 4 and causing damages to several houses and shops.

Nassiria’s Police headquarter has turned into rubble following a powerful explosion that shaken the region, while eyewitnesses said a terrorist riding a truck was heading in a maximum speed to crash in the police headquarter killing immediately 4 people and many injured, according to an official toll.
Eyewitnesses told El Khabar that three of the victims were policemen, while many citizens who live close to the scene have been injured following the collapse of their houses’ ceiling. A resident there said it was 6.45 am when he heard a powerful explosion coming from the entrance of Nassiria near the high way.
The car bomb has caused a two metres hole near police headquarter. Forensics elements were collecting the rests of the exploded car.
An investigator told El Khabar that initial signs unveil that it’s a small truck, while a resident said it was a Toyota brand truck. Furthermore, an official security source told El Khabar that the suicide attacker has likely came from fiefs in Sidi Ali Bounab Mountains close to Nassiria region.


By H.Y/ Translation A.A