Al-Qaeda in North Africa executes a criminal plan and misleads young people

Former member of disbanded Islamic party FIS

Al-Qaeda in North Africa executes a criminal plan and misleads young people

El Khabar, 10 august 2008

The activist member of the disbanded party, the Islamic Front for Salvation, FIS, named Boudjemaa Bounoua, alias Abdelah Anis, has called on the terrorists belonging to the GSPC, to end the terrorist attacks, and surrender to the authorities.

In a televised interview with the satellite Dubai based channel Al-Arabiya, the former leader of the Afghan Arabs in Afghanistan, said the terrorists claiming allegiance to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, have adopted the wrong principles of the Islamic law, Sharea. They consider the Algerians as apostates to justify their criminal acts. He further added that terrorist organization in North Africa, or Al-Qaeda, is executing a criminal plan, which is far from abiding by the Sharea law, it is respecting an agenda in favor of the U.S project to plant a military base in the Maghreb region.
In this regard, the same speaker has indicated that the young people sent by Al-Qaeda, to perpetuate suicide attacks in the public places, or against the Police and Army centers, are extremists and victims of an ideology preached by Al-Qaeda. He condemned the declaration of Ayman Al-Zawahiri, who incited the GSPC terrorists to target the Western interests in Algeria. Al-Qaeda takes advantage of the deteriorating living conditions of young people.


By L. Athmane/Translation Section