Algerian law should adapt to international conventions

Lawyers call on promoting political and civil freedoms

Algerian law should adapt to international conventions

El Khabar, 31 july 2008

Algerian lawyers have discussed, yesterday, in a meeting, the international penal law, the International Criminal Court, as well as the issue of the Sudanese President Mr. Omar Hassan Al-bachir, and its consequences on Algeria, and Arab countries.

The lawyers said the shrinking freedoms and human rights in these countries are the main pretexts argued by the International Criminal Court to interfere in their internal affairs. In this regard, the Algerian lawyer Mr. Miloud Brahimi, specialized in the international penal law, said the Algerian authorities have not made enough efforts to promote the freedoms, human rights, and the judicial system. Responding to a question asked by El Khabar, on the human rights situation in Algeria, the same speaker added that more efforts should be provided in order to adapt the Algerian law to the international conventions. He pointed out that some cases have not been included in the Algerian law, such as the crimes against humanity and war crimes. Moreover, Mr. Bragimi has indicated that the 8th.May.1945 organization, the freedom fighter Mr. Louisa Ighil Ahriz, and the family of the famous freedom fighter Larbi Benmhidi, have been obliged to lodge a lawsuit at French courts, against the officers of the French army, as like Ausares, and Papon. According to Mr. Brahimi, this is as a result of the failure of Algeria’s judicial system, as these crimes are not dealt by the Algerian penal law.


31-07-2008 By A.L/ Translation section