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The number of religious associations drops

Official report: more than 81 thousand associations in Algeria

El Khabar, 29 september 2008

The number of associations accredited by the Ministry of Home Affairs has reached 81 thousand in the ongoing year, an official report, of which El Khabar got a copy, said.
The associations’ number has, significantly, increased during the last decade, noting that such a figure did not exceed 30 thousand associations in the 90’s, added the report.
According to the same report, the number of religious associations accredited by the Ministry is not significant, while, shortly, surpassing the number human rights associations, and those in charge of the elder people.
More than 94% of the associations do not set their annual moral and financial toll for accounting, added the report, pointing out that there are more than 81 thousand associations in Algeria in 2008, comparing to only 30 thousand by early 90’s.
Moreover, statistics demonstrate that more than 80 thousand accreditation applications have been submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs; however only 731 applications have been rejected for different reasons.


By A.K/Translation Section