Algeria –France: part of the 5 billion euros deal disclosed

Algeria –France: part of the 5 billion euros deal disclosed

Ech-Chorouk, December 23, 2007

The French ambassador to Algeria, M Bernard Pageolet declared that three major contracts estimated at more than 01billion euros are set to be sealed between French and Algerian firms within the next few months.

The French ambassador also said that some contracts between the two countries didn’t go public during the last presidential visit of M Sarkozy to Algeria because negotiations are still underway between the two sides.

Among the major agreements that both sides have agreed upon, according to the ambassador, is the contract signed by the French Taals and the Algerian ANSRIF to install the East-West railway traffic signs linking Constantine, Algiers and Oran.

The project is estimated at more than 650 million euros in addition to a management contract of a chunk of the East -West highway by the French firm AEGISS as well as a contract to build a damp with the company RAZEL.

To recall, the total amount of the contracts sealed between the French and Algerian authorities following the Sarkozy’s visit is estimated at some 5 billion euros.

By: Kamel Mansari

Translated by: HAKIM.A