National Reconciliation: The deadline is not to be extended now

National reconciliation

The deadline is not to be extended now

El Khabar, 10 septembre 2006

An official source revealed to El Khabar that the National Commission in charge of following up the Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation continues its meetings to address reports to the President of the Republic. The source confirmed that President Bouteflika will not present the reconciliation file in the ministers’ council meeting due tomorrow.
He added that the president will take no decision about the extension of the reconciliation deadline for the time being. Because the last 28 February ordinance bearing the Charter for Peace and national reconciliation is still in force as many files are being examined and need more time. This means that the deadline is systematically extended.
Contrary to what is being circulated by the media, the same source added, President Bouteflika will not tackle the subject of reconciliation officially in the Ministers’ council he is going to head tomorrow. He will know about the file through periodical reports to be submitted to him by the Inter-Ministerial Commission headed by Prime Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem.
Official ministerial sources revealed to El Khabar that the Ministry of Justice managed to tackle definitely the file of missing people by providing death certificates to all the declared missing people except for a few of them whose relatives are dubbed to be opportunists and hindrances of the process.

By F. Lamia