Mission improbable

Mission improbable


Algeria’s Minister for Religious Affairs believes proselytising Protestants pose a threat to regional unity.

Algiers, 05/04/01 – In an interview to the weekly supplement of Arabic daily, El Khabar, the Minister for Religious Affairs, Abdallah Ghoulamallah, claims a sinister new religious threat is stalking the mountains of the Berber region of Kabylia.

Foreign intelligence agents posing as protestant missionaries are conducting a campaign of proselytism that could pose a grave threat.

Abdallah Ghoulamallah speaks in deadly earnest, claiming that the missionaries are Europeans and that many if not all of them work for their country’s intelligence services and some have even held senior military rank.

He is particularly concerned that they should be targeting Kabylia which has a strong sense of its own regional and cultural identity. Not because Christianity poses a threat to Islam, but because the agents-cum-missionaries could jeopardise national unity and political stability.

Ghoulamallah stresses he is not hostile to Muslims converting to Christianity, but he is against those who seek to exploit the hardships of many Algerians to their own ends.

Unlike Catholics whose friendly attitude earns his praise, he sees Protestants as a threat.

The missionaries were previously officers in Western armies and intelligence services and they are backed by European and American interests that use religion to gain a political hold over North Africa in general and Algeria in particular for strategic and colonialist reasons.

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