To Ann from Detainee I

October 2005

I thank you so much for your support in these sad times. We need everyone's support and help. A little thing you may think is too small there, is important here. I appreciate the efforts of Hhugs, Cageprisoners and StopPolitical Terror and other organisations and individuals. I just want to say thank you. I seize the occasion to ask you to give my number (MX8760) to who is interested to write or help. The Hhugs sisters know me - they even visited my home. As you know, we are held many times in the worst conditions. We are treated really badly by this country. We are locked up again and again without charge, without conviction and used for tests in 2001 Act, control orders, deportation etc. Ironically, in a country calling itself free, democratic and rule of law it is simply not the case for us. We are locked in a special secure unit (SSU) which is supposed to punish the inmates already serving long sentences. Since we came here we didn't see the sky. We are treated harshly. Worse than Cat A prisoners. We hear lies from top to the bottom. It is just unbelievable. Worst of all is our cases are heard in a kangaroo court. These people don't respect the outcome of their own courts (House of Lords and the court for the so called Ricin lies). Muslims should understand that what is said about us is just a farce, therefore, they need to protest and organise demonstrations to help us in these sad times. From our side, we keep praying for everyone and are patient. We are sure that Allah (SWT) will answer our prayers to bring to an end this ordeal and the ordeals of other innocent Muslims locked up in Full Sutton, Woodhill, Belmarsh, Guatanamo and other hidden places. Thank you again and I hope I will hear very soon from you and from Hhugs and others. Pass on my regards.
Detainee I.

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Extraditions from the UK

Abschiebungen aus Großbritannien